Ms Ufuk Tarhan


She is the founder of Turkish Futurists Society and executed presidency between 2009-2011

Mrs. Tarhan is also the member of World Future Society and Association of Professional Futurists

(first Turkish Woman who made a speech on World Futurist Society 2010).

She is also the moderator of Future Studies in Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD)

She is publisher of Turkish The Futurist Magazine. She has written 1 book, 1 workbook and 1 handbook so far. She is a well-known blogger (Ufuk Tarhan’dan, Siz de bilin)

She is known as the person who spread the concept of “futurism” being one of the best Social Innovators of Turkey.

She is the designer and the moderator of very important projects that are approved by Ministers.

She is married and has two children.

About M-GEN & Ufuk Tarhan (M-GEN name is derived from words Millennium or Mobile Generation)

The philosophy of M-GEN is focuses on “everything what we do should serve for a better future of humanity”

M-GEN is the first Futurist Company of Turkey that gives consultancy services for Business Designs and established in 2006 by Mrs. Ufuk Tarhan

M-GEN serves to large and mid-sized corporates like Unilever, Pfizer, BSH, AGT, Telpa etc. + individuals as Business Designer, Business Strategist Business Avatar and Business Coach.

M-GEN is also the creator, founder and partner of Tablet Seminars. She is also known as an important business trainer and corporate, social education/training/event/workshop/conference designer/curator.

Some of projects – The best of her >>> Techno Woman

M-GEN enlarged her service areas and portfolio towards Digital and Social Media strategies and implementations for brand building and marketing communications as being Digital Agency between 2009-2011

Founder of M-GEN - Mrs. Ufuk Tarhan is the first and only woman Futurist Keynote Sepaker of Turkey.

She is an Economist (Graduated METU) but worked in IT sector for many years and she got the Prize of Best Business Woman of IT Industry on 2002.

She designed and organized the first Futurists Summit of Turkey on 2008 and the Keynote Speaker of the Summit was famous Jacque Fresco.
Ufuk Tarhan
M-GEN Future Planning Center – The Best Future Designer
Digital Futurist, Business Designer, Business Avatar | t:+90 212 352 75 23 | c:+90 532 262 95