DI Ursula Spannberger

architect, mediator, RAUM.WERTanalyse®, Salzburg

Ursula Spannberger was born in Horsens/Denmark in 1956. Back in Austria, she went to school in Salzburg, and studied architecture, art history and singing in Innsbruck. In 1990, she established her architect’s office in Salzburg, and since 2003 has also been working as a mediator for (urban) planning and environmental matters. Fostering a holistic approach to planning and building she developed the method of RAUM.WERTanalyse┬« (SPACE.VALUEanalysis┬«) working in and with companies and organizations to optimize spatial and organisational solutions for the real needs  of all involved. As a Genuine ContactTM Professional she uses tools  to leverage collective wisdom and passion achieving results that surpass expectations.